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Academic Intuition provides professional tutoring service to individuals and families who strive to get the most out of an educational experience.

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"Thank you very much for helping my children learn...  You are great with my kids!"


"The difference you have made with [my daughter] is marvelous."


"I have been meaning to say THANK YOU to you, you have been a life saver for [our son] (and us) for AP Chemistry."


"I just wanted to thank you again for your help throughout the semester, and to inform you that I did take my time on the final this time as I got an A on it. This ended up boosting my overall grade to that of an A."


"Truly appreciate what you are doing for [my daughter] - because it worked."


"Thanks for your SAT comments...  [My daughter] would not have agreed to learn some testing strategies if I had suggested it!!  However she now thinks it is a great idea."


"Thanks for the feedback.  [My son] likes the way you are teaching and so I think that is one of the reasons he is interested and liking Organic chem."


"Just wanted to let you know I got my PSAT scores back, and got a 230 overall.  77 in reading, 80 in math, 73 in writing skills, 4 wrong overall.  (99th percentile in all 3)  Thanks for all your help.  I'm sure I would have been slaughtered on the English without it."




How It Works


Web-Based Tutoring - With a webcam and a whiteboard, web-based sessions make tutoring easier than ever. No wonder it is the method of choice for most students.

In-Home Tutoring - The tutor comes to you.  No need to figure out the logistics of who's going to drop off and pick up, coordinating with work schedules, other kids, house guests, etc.  This is tuition made easy.  The tutoring center is convenient to your home, because it is your home.  (If you prefer another location, such as a library or school facility, that's fine too.)

Practice Test Proctoring - This can be done in home at your convenience, as above.  However, neutral locations (e.g. a public library) best simulate the actual test-taking experience.




Subject Areas


Areas of particular focus include:

Math (algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, and beyond)

English (writing skills, grammar, vocabulary)

Chemistry (basic to AP level to grad school level organic, inorganic, analytical and physical chemistry)

Physics (basic through AP level)

Statistics (basic through AP level)

Business (accounting, finance, etc.)

Academic Intuition also teaches organizational, study and test taking skills.




Test Prep


PSAT, SAT, SAT II subject tests, AP subject tests, GMAT, ACT, etc.

Academic Intuition uses a unique hybrid approach to standardized test preparation, including a blend of in-home one-on-one tutoring sessions and proctored practice tests at neutral locations.  This allows us to zero in on each student's particular needs and provide customized assistance.  It also allows the student to get more comfortable with the full length test.

This is not just about maximizing a particular test score, although that's often the primary driver.  This is also about developing self-confidence and learning systematic ways to solve problems.  The student develops skills whose lasting value can be leveraged far beyond the scope of the test itself into a cornucopia of other academic and professional applications.




College or Grad School Essays


Integrity is of paramount importance.  Academic intuition does not write essays.

Receive extensive feedback, in depth analysis and creative suggestions regarding content, structure, grammar and word choice to help an essay come to life.

The goal is to help students stay true to themselves and the message they aim to communicate, while helping them understand, appreciate and respect the reader's perspective - the target audience's perspective - the admissions committee's perspective.

How effectively you express yourself can make a big impression.  Turn this to your advantage.






Web-based sessions make our tutoring services available virtually anywhere.

Physical appointments can be arranged in the following locations:

Connecticut (Shoreline & Litchfield County)

New York City

Princeton, New Jersey




Instructor Credentials


My educational background includes a BS degree in chemistry (thesis focused on inorganic synthesis) with a French minor.  I am Phi Beta Kappa and have received numerous academic awards. I have also earned an MBA from Columbia University.

I began tutoring in college, then accepted a prestigious teaching fellowship at Phillips Academy and taught in PA's summer program.

My professional experience also includes research and development in the pharmaceutical industry at Pfizer.

My tutoring experience is extensive and in recent years has included students from fifth grade through medical school.  Most students are high school or college age.




Teaching Philosophy


The goal is to help students improve their grades and actually learn!  These objectives are equally important.  A high GPA without learning is pointless.  The idea is to get an education!  On the other hand, when learning exceeds what is reflected in a student's grades, that's better - but reality is that grades are important to opening doors and creating opportunity. Both real learning and good grades are keys to long term educational success.

My style of teaching is cooperative and adaptable.  Every student is different in terms of attitude, energy level, particular strengths and weaknesses, etc.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach.  I get a feel for how the student is responding to other sources (textbooks, instructors, parents, etc.) and do my best to complement the package in the most effective way.

I favor developing mental intuition over memorization.  Memorization is useful and important to a degree.  Yet it does not always lead to long term retention, and it can be counter-productive to gaining a meaningful understanding of the material.  Once a student truly understands a concept, things tend to click, and studying becomes less arduous and more rewarding.

My goal, in a sense, is ultimately to render myself obsolete.  Rather than nurture a continuing dependency on my guidance, I want to equip students with skills and disciplines that will foster the independence that will enable them to succeed as they move deeper into their educational experience and out into the real world.